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Delivering Specific Audiences to Advertisers.

Headquartered in New York, NY, Digital Branding is an innovative advertising and online media agency that enables advertisers to target audiences through advanced demographic, behavioral, contextual, and geographic technologies across a premium user friendly network of leading content websites with customizable scale and pinpoint accuracy.

Wide Reach, Narrow Focus.

With a of a far reaching network of content publishers, Digital Branding is capable of spreading your message to a wide audience, while using proprietary tracking and audience profiling software to target your needs. Our customers employ Digital Branding to develop accountable and transparent marketing processes, and to better understand their customers through lead profiling and campaign analytics. With an award winning creative team and an innovative approach to online marketing in a digital age, Digital Branding helps marketers optimize their campaigns to maximize conversion rates.

Digital Branding turns customer acquisition into a measurable and repeatable automated process.