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What Our Clients Are Saying

Knowing that your email marketing is not only going to look fantastic, but that your target audience will actually see them in their inbox is a very, very comforting feeling. Jordan Kramer

Our Audience

Email newsletters as marketing tools have undergone dramatic changes. The growth in email volume, new regulations, and sophisticated filtering software make it harder to rely solely on email to get your message through. We can help ensure your newsletters make it to your intended audience.

For many marketers, simple ‘batch and blast’ email is a dead end. The number of variables that come into play when trying to actually get your email campaigns into readers' inboxes can be overwhelming. There are hundreds of email clients, spam filters, additional software, rules, regulations, server blacklists, and much more that can kill an email campaign before an end user ever even sees it in their inbox.

Digital Branding carefully crafts each individual email campaign to ensure maximum delivery to all of its intended recipients. We spend months each year ensuring our servers meet requirements from all of the major email clients and online email services to ensure that each email sent is an email received. On top of that, each email is hand coded to ensure that there are no spam trips or alarms set off by individuals' personal email client. That's only half the battle.

Nearly 100% of our email recipients are double opt in subscribers actually interested in your products and services. Once emails are successfully delivered to your target audience, we ensure that the subject lines and content of each and every campaign are maximized to deliver your message in an easy to read and effective format that maximizes click-throughs and conversions. Our newsletter delivery services are second to none, and we work hard to ensure your advertising dollars aren't wasted in spam folders and failure to deliver notices. After all, what good is a great campaign if no one gets a chance to see it?